At Marrs Benson we understand that pig and poultry businesses are some of the most capital intensive in farming.

These sectors have endured the type of market volatility other farming sectors are just getting used to for decades. As a result of this they have seen significant investment in infrastructure and technology, making them some of the most technically advanced in farming.

Cash generation is critical to getting a return on the large investments pig and poultry enterprises demand, and proactive tax planning is critical to maximising cash flows. We have worked with many pig and poultry businesses to minimise their tax bills on everything from refits of pig housing, to the building of new broiler and free range laying poultry units.

Over recent years the incentives available on renewable energy have provided an opportunity for these businesses to diversify while increasing the profitability of the core business. For more information on this see our renewables page.

If you would like to discuss your business needs with us, please contact Paul or Lindsay.