Government incentives including renewable obligation certificates, feed in tariffs and renewable heat incentives, have lead to a boom in investments in renewable technologies. Do you want an accountant who can assist with this?

At Marrs Benson we are well aware that land and business owners are in a fantastic position to take advantage of these opportunities.

Some projects, for example the construction of a large scale anaerobic digester are huge business investments in their own right. In these cases the priority must be to establish the viability of the enterprise, before looking at the tax planning opportunities which exist.

Installing renewable technology to complement the existing business, and increase overall profitability is happening regularly. There is a misconception that income from these installations is tax free. Not only is this incorrect, but careful planning is essential to maximise the tax relief on a renewable investments, and to preserve generous capital tax reliefs available to businesses.

We have advised on everything from single biomass boiler or solar panel installations, to the implementation of business structures which allow multiple investors to take advantage of renewable energy opportunities. If you would like to discuss any aspect of renewable energy please contact a member of our team.