We understand how difficult the period following a family or close friend’s bereavement is and we are able to guide the executors through all aspects of the administration of the estate.

We are able to assist the Executors’ with:

  • Establishing assets and liabilities of the estate
  • Preparing inheritance tax forms and making sure that the appropriate reliefs and exemptions are claimed
  • Preparing income tax returns for the deceased to the date of death
  • Assisting you with completing the probate application.
  • Once probate has been obtained, we will gather together the assets and pay creditors
  • Preparing tax returns for the estate through the period of administration
  • Providing final estate accounts

In addition to the above and during the course:

  • We will provide advise to the beneficiaries and executors of the tax implications connected with selling assets, and deal with the payment of legacies and distribution of assets
  • We will review potential tax savings through a variation of the deceased’s Will within 2 years
  • We will communicate and negotiate if necessary with the Capital Taxes Office